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The Missing Cats -The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio – Book 2

Author: Sally Alexander

When blue-eyed cats go missing, it’s up to a girl and her talking cat to solve the mystery and in so doing, they uncover a more sinister plot.

This thrilling story continues where “The Lost Colors” left off. Rio, 11-year-old Caitlin Maggert’s extraordinary cat is being honored by the Mayor for his role in stopping MacDougal, the infamous criminal mastermind. But Caitlin is worried about her darling cat – will he ever regain the full use of his superpowers? Someone is stealing only blue-eyed cats by luring them away from the safety of their homes with a catnip mouse. The criminal mastermind will stop at nothing to capture Rio.

Book 2 in the Adventures of Caitlin & Rio. When I read Sally’s brief, I knew it needed to be creepy. It was a tricky balance to make a cover that was creepy, but also not terrifying for children. The mystery being around the catnip toys and the missing cats, we decided to illustrate the moment where the main protagonists find the cats and toys.

Final Front Cover
Final Jacket illustration

Final Sketch with rough colors