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The Lost Colors -The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio

Author: Sally Alexander

When a rogue experiment removes all colors from the world, a girl and her talking cat must save humanity from cat-astrophe.

No one is more surprised than young Caitlin Maggert when she wakes up to her cat Rio talking to her and the world around them suddenly cloaked in grays without any colors. But when they team up with Caitlin’s best friends to investigate the odd phenomenon, they discover a much larger sinister plan underway…and it’s up to them to stop it, before it’s too late.

A brilliant scientist, a criminal mastermind, world destruction…come face to face with three clever girls and a talking cat in this thrilling chapter book.

When Sally contacted me about her book series, she was looking to professionally illustrate her 5 already published books. She had previously drawn them herself and wanted the new series to be elevated.

Knowing that there would be 6 books in total, I worked really hard to come up with characters that were distinctive enough, but that would also translate well throughout the series.

Every book that Sally had, I couldn’t believe how imaginative they all were. The stories that she imagined were amazing for an illustrator like me, and I couldn’t help but try and push the boundaries of what we could do. This is the first book in the series.

Final Front Cover
Final Jacket illustration

Final Sketch with rough colors