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The Last Summer on Earth – Mock Cover

This is the result of a 5 weeks mentorship with Lissy Marlin, where I created a mock cover illustration for a middle grade novel called “The Last Summer on Earth”

This mentorship was incredibly useful to me, and before starting, my goals were to work on more unusual color palettes, improve my storytelling, and work with a more textured style rather than the more rendered style I usually have.

I took a lot away from the mentorship, and the challenges along the way gave me a great insight into what I should be focusing on next. We worked on aging up my characters so that they are more suited for middle grade and we also worked on keeping things less rendered for a slightly more graphic look. I do plan on using more texture and more unusual color palettes moving forward, and I’m deeply grateful to Lissy for her amazing input and her generosity during this process. I have a lot more insight into how to push my storytelling even further, and I can’t wait to put this new knowledge into action.

Final Front Cover
Final jacket illustration.
Final Sketch with Rough Color Comps
Interior Illustration #1
PLACEHOLDER Interior Illustration Sketch #2
PLACEHOLDER Interior Illustration Sketch #3
PLACEHOLDER Interior Illustration Sketch #4