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The Golden Trumpet – The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio

Author: Sally Alexander

What do you do when you learn that MacDougal, the world’s most notorious criminal mastermind has taken up trumpet lessons? You investigate, of course!

Meatloaf who lives with MacDougal and pretends to be an ordinary cat visits Caitlin and Rio to ask for their help. MacDougal has become increasingly unstable ever since he lost his shadow to the Coyotes. Why is MacDougal taking up trumpet lessons? What is he doing in his secret lab? And why does he have the plans of the City Art Museum? Could it have something to do with the traveling King Tut’s Exhibition that has come to town?

The last book in the Adventures of Caitlin & Rio series. I knew that I had to finish strong, especially considering all the other adventures that we had in the previous books. As always, Sally’s creativity did not disappoint and I was tasked to illustrate a zombie bunny invasion in the King Tut’s museum exhibition.

Final Front Cover
Full Jacket illustration
Rough Sketch
Final Sketch with Rough Colors