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The Coyote King – The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio

Author: Sally Alexander

When a rogue pack of coyotes threatens children and pets alike, Caitlin and Rio face danger and an unexpected rescue in this magical holiday adventure.

Caitlin and her extraordinary talking cat, Rio receive an important assignment- to investigate a family new to the neighborhood. But when Caitlin learns that MacDougal has been spotted at the Bigby Holiday Party, it is up to Caitlin and Rio – but first they must escape a pack of rogue coyotes. Holiday decorations come to life to fight the coyote pack, but they are no match for the sharp teeth of the coyotes. Rescue comes from an unexpected quarter, secrets are revealed, and they learn that the rogue pack is in league with MacDougal himself.

This is the fifth book in the Adventures of Caitlin & Rio and this was so much fun. Sally came to me and said that her book would have evil coyotes, Christmas decorations that come alive and a pursuit. I was already hooked! There was definitely a lot going on, so the challenge with this book was to try and convey the dynamic pursuit with the Christmas decorations, while keeping it readable and not chaotic.

Final Front Cover
Full wrap illustration

Final Sketch with rough colors