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Recent Releases and June update!


July is going strong and I’ve been incredibly busy with children’s books since the beginning of the year. I’m always grateful to my amazing clients for allowing me to be fully freelance all year around!

With that being said, a few of my projects got released in the past weeks/months, so I thought I would give them the attention they deserve! Some of my projects are still under NDA, so these will have to wait for the next update.

Release of Campfire Stories by Alex Smart

The second book in the Spooky Stories series (you may remember the previous Ghost Stories if you’ve been following my work). Another great project to work on and it’s now available on Amazon!

Release of Sonam’s Surprise by Nikki Nichols

Debut author Nikki Nichols wrote this action-packed middle grade book based on her travels to Nepal, where she climbed all the way to the base camp of the Everest, for the second time! Based off the real locations in Nepal, it was important that the landscapes and character were accurate enough and the dynamism of the story meant that I had to incorporate it into the cover. A challenge that I was more than happy to take on!

Double release for the Yurvania in Transition series (The Starlight of Shadows and The Charms of Freedom)

Nicole Lieger has created this beautiful series with strong solarpunk influences. I was immediately intrigued by her world-building, and I had a lot of opportunities to put my own twist to the great world that she created. An amazing project to work on, which allowed me to fully collaborate on the visuals of the book. Coming out soon!

Release of The Bear, the Loon and the Moon

Nicole Cascone’s book immediately caught my attention. I’ve been working on adding more animal books to my portfolio since I’ve really enjoyed drawing animals in the past couple of years, and this project was a perfect fit for this!

And that’s it for now! Lots of projects that came out and I’m so excited to be able to share them now. Keep an eye out for more books coming out in the next few months!

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