The Wild Turkeys - The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio (Book 3)

“Beware the Silver Water!” – a warning from a flock of quest seeking wild turkeys sets off an unexpected chain of events in this next exciting adventure leading to a most unusual Thanksgiving celebration.

The thrilling adventure continues in Book 3 of the series when a flock of quest seeking wild turkeys come to warn the talking cat Rio, “Beware the Silver Water!” When a bomb cyclone and blizzard arrive over Thanksgiving, the flock are invited to take shelter in the garage. It’s up to Caitlin and Rio to ensure that their guests don’t discover the wild turkeys. But when one of the flock escapes the safety of the garage to sit on the highest shelf in the dining room a most unusual Thanksgiving celebration ensues.

But Rio is in danger. The wild turkeys’ warning comes true, and Caitlin learns that these wild turkeys always repay their debts even if it means taking on the most evil, criminal mastermind – MacDougal himself.