The Missing Cats - The Adventures of Caitlin & Rio (Book 2)

Rio, Caitlin's amazing Ragdoll cat, is a special cat. He has powers. Rio used his powers to stop MacDougal, the international terrorist, and to save Caitlin, her two best friends, Trudie and Molly, and Professor Pinch. MacDougal escapes. Rio has been invited to a special award ceremony to be honored for his bravery. Rio knows he needs to be fully recovered to protect his humans as it is only a matter of time before MacDougal strikes again. But something odd is going on - neighborhood cats are going missing. They all have something special in common - they all have blue eyes. Why are the cats missing? Who is responsible? Join Caitlin, Rio and their friends as they hunt for clues and solve the mystery. This is book 2 of the Adventures of Caitlin and Rio.