Jack and Jill and the Man in the Moon

Very pleased to announced my new book coming out on May 4th in collaboration with author Tamra Andrews 🥳

Jack and Jill is one of those stories that has been retold multiple times, so how do you make it different? How do you make it so people will want to read it? Well, this isn't your classic Jack and Jill! It has magic, it has a moon palace, it got a magic rainbow bridge. What more do you want??

I love this book, it was pure joy to work on from start to finish! This book is the definition of whimsical!

People have seen all sorts of images in the pattern of light and dark on the lunar surface, and they’ve spun myths to explain them. The people of ancient Sweden saw two children, Hjuki and Bil, which were translated over time as Jack and Jill.
In this delightful spin on the famous nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill frolic with Mister Moon in his silver sky palace – and fill their pail with the magical moon dew that waters the fields and renews the earth.