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Magic in the Mountains : A Christmas Adventure

Author: T.E Milburn

Published by North Point Press


Dear Reader, please help! If you are reading this, I have been taken prisoner, or worse. The North Pole is no longer safe, and Christmas is under attack! 

The only hope I have is two brothers, Alex and Noah James. These boys have no idea the destiny that lies ahead of them, but they are the only ones who can free me and save Christmas. I don’t want to put them in danger, but with dark forces at work, I have no other choice. 

Please find the James brothers and send them immediately to the North Point Ski Resort. It’s not on a map. Tell them to follow Highway 99 north—the resort will make itself known. Make sure Noah has his crystal; he will know what I’m talking about. The crystal holds a magic so great the boys may be able to save Christmas in time. 

Your friend, Santa Claus

P.S. Tell the boys to get ready for an adventure they’ll never forget.

First book in the Magic in the Mountains series by T.E Milburn. This was an amazing project to work on! I’m always eager to work on projects involving animals, magic and nature, it ticked all the boxes! The author was really great to work with and she allowed me to have some creative liberty with the cover! Looking forward to seeing it printed soon.

Final Front Cover
Full wrap illustration
Final Sketch with Rough Color Comps. The client didn’t like the orange on the trees so we changed it to bright green in the final version!