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Delilah and the Cracked Cauldron

Author: Sarah Clayville

Published by Bright Moon Books

Twelve-year-old Delilah Shaw hates that her mom moved them away from a bustling city to the small town of Marigold where nobody wants to be her friend. When she starts seeing strange things happen that no one else can, Delilah is convinced their new home is cursed.

But in Marigold magic brews around every corner. Soon she must choose whether to follow in the footsteps of past witches or turn away from magic like the rest of the town.

Unfortunately, a witch’s power can have unexpected consequences. Can Delilah learn how to handle the magic, or is her mom hiding something about their family tree that will chill her to the bone?


First book in the Marigold Magic Series, this was such a fun and exciting project to work on. Delilah and the Cracked Cauldron is the kind of project that I love to take on! The book has two female spirits helping Delilah throughout the story, so they were hinted in the trees in the foreground.

Final Front Cover
Full wrap illustration
Final Sketch with Rough Colors